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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beat Your Negativity

I was reading a book named "THE MAGIC" and found a chapter practice which I'm always doing it.

That chapter is "The Magical Way Out of Negativity".

Since I think it works very well on me, I would like to share my own experience with you all.

Here's the thing, all of us have so many fucked up things happen almost everyday in our life.

Job F us.

Relationship F us.

Study F us.

Government F us.

Colleague F us.

Workloads F us.

Money F us.

The tiny rock on the walkway can F-ing make u fall like a rolling stone.

Even this Groupa's disapproved face pissed me off.

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So, how to beat the F-up things with positive thinking and make yourself happy like a bunny?

I will provide some experiences of mine for your reference.


Case 1 - Got speeding summon for the first time

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Well, I was driving on the same routine with the usual 80km/h speed to go back home.

I saw three monkeys eating a banana behind a tree.

Wait, they are not monkeys, it's three polices camping behind the tree with a speed cam. but I was too late to decrease my speed.

That's how I got a summon.

I never notice the road's speed limit is only 50km/h before this.

So, from now on, I only drive 50km/h for that particular road.

Despite of the penalty which is very painful to my wallet, I actually try to feel grateful for paying the summon.

I imagine that if I continue to drive so fast in that speed limit area, I will CERTAINLY KILL SOMEONE SOMEDAY, or even worse I CAN KILL MYSELF!

50km/h makes me alert and avoid any murders in the future, so it ain't so bad to pay that RM150, like a lesson fee before anything goes wrong.


Case 2 - Sickness of Flu

Few days ago, out from nowhere, my nose broke down like a waterfall. I was really tired but can't run away from my works. I have to work even though I was sicked.

I was tired, sleepy and my running nose was not cooperative, a few pills of flu medicine doesn't cure it.

It is exhausting.

So, I told myself, I'm grateful to have this sickness NOW, rather than few weeks later.

Get it?

It's CHINESE NEW YEAR weeks later! So, I certainly don't want to be sick during the holiday time, it's great to get sick now rather than that period.

Hooray to FLU!



I told you before this, 2013 started with a lot of works, they comes like endless piss after you drink lots of beer for hours.

Of course, I will complain the works too heavy with a very intense deadline and time is always not enough, but I asked myself to think another way.

Fricking busy in work means that I have a job;

I got a job means I got salary;

Got salary means I can spend on lots of useless things I want;

Those useless things can make me happy.



There are other worst cases but I'm not sure I wanna share it here since it's kinda personal.

I think I will publish them in my next book, wait for it :p

Hope you learn something from this post especially for those who always say FML :p

People who always feel depress might get melancholia, so why don't just put all the shitty things behind your life and make yourself happy?

If you have some troubles and need consultation, I don't suggest you look for a psychologist, talking to  psychologist might have the same effect as talking to a cactus.

Anywhere, I might be able to give a ray in your darkness day.

Drop me a message in watsapp by using the following number [Digi-(1686462*2)] and tell me anything.

Don't worry, I can keep any secrets because I'm forgetful.

Have a good day. Cheers.



小影 said...

Wao, you write books??? That's awesome.

Well, sorry to hear those bad things happened in your life!!! =[

woei said...

u publicly give out ur number?

Tall O' FM said...

I wanna know about the relationship 1...

-JoJo- said...

Lol! As mentioned, bad things happen everyday, no need to sorry about that. XD

My blog visitors are among my friends only so i think no people wants to harass me since I'm not jessica alba alike girl, but I will try to mask it anywhere. Thanks for your concern XD

Yeah! I walk out from it already. The solution is in my next book!