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Monday, September 01, 2014

Eat from JB to Ipoh 2013

Last year, I flew from KK to JB two days before TJM's wedding dinner which located in BM, Penang.

The purpose I flew to JB was so that I could carpool Frog's car and eat the way out from JB to Ipoh then finally to Penang.

After I landed at JB, they treated me some classy western food and beer, then walked to the opposite road just to eat satay and a big bowl porridge.

It's the first night of my trip and I ate for 2 days portion.

The next day after breakfast, we departed from JB and start our journey to Ipoh.

We stopped at Seremban just to buy these buns and other stuff that enough to feed a family of five for a week.

 photo IMG_2697_zps6bb0b730.jpg

Then we munch ourselves to Ipoh. The buns really good though, fresh from oven, yummy yum.

Food, is the only reason I came back here, despite of many of friends in West Malaysia here.

 photo IMG_2760_zpsfdefeba2.jpg

I don't really miss them, you know, I miss the food here more.

 photo IMG_2759_zpsb7f7a714.jpg

Just kidding, I miss you guys.

As soon we arrived, CHOO brought us to a place I missed so much.

 photo IMG_2753_zps192f93fa.jpg

I remembered that time Fish was like....

WOW!!! Everything is so damn cheap here!

Everything looks so tasty here!!

Let's take a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

 photo IMG_2757_zpse097892e.jpg

5 bowls of food for two of them! Well done, Fish!

Know what happen in the end?


No wonder his stomach never go away...

 photo IMG_2813_zps7c715c1c.jpg

You see that? Did you see all that? Not sure should be happy or sad for him.

After stomach full of food, we should exercise by...

Climbing the staircases of some famous caves.

 photo IMG_2811_zpsa2dfd5cd.jpg

Dating in the park...

 photo IMG_2727_zpsaee22683.jpg

Or may be take some selfie.

 photo IMG_2810_zpsbe5e7a21.jpg


 photo IMG_2731_zpse31eaed5.jpg

Dating my ass.

 photo IMG_2808_zpsa7983c69.jpg

Let me ruined them ALL!

 photo IMG_2809_zps795e5daa.jpg


 photo IMG_2807_zps9bbd8aec.jpg

After did all sort of exercises, our stomach were still full of the food just now.

 photo IMG_2705_zpsf84628f3.jpg

However, it's dinner time. No people skip dinner time in Ipoh. It's pantang!

 photo IMG_2707_zps454a87c5.jpg

Some dish with tanghoon, crabs, and whatever things inside there. Doesn't matter, it's good!

 photo IMG_2709_zpsfc9dec5a.jpg

Later that night, Ipoh friends like Kit and CKF pop out from nowhere to reunion, and play Jenga.

 photo IMG_2815_zpse9eb32b1.jpg

See how high is that Jenga? We are first class honor engineer, don't play play. We use our engineering knowledge to play this game.

 photo IMG_2710_zps567049be.jpg

Some says we broke the record but we were too humble to register Guinness World Record.

 photo IMG_2814_zpsbaa3ddc8.jpg

Next morning, we had our breakfast in a super crowded Dimsum kopitiam.

 photo IMG_2720_zps5d9664c9.jpg

No Dimsum photos took by me but this is the best Dimsum shop according to CHOO.

After all the breakfast, we're ready to march to BM for TJM's wedding dinner.

Wait a minute! We forget something!

 photo IMG_2716_zpsea38d01c.jpg

Of course, we need some food for the journey.

Let's go queue up to buy some egg tart so we will not hungry during our car journey from Ipoh to BM.

 photo IMG_2717_zpsb313eef0.jpg

Various of egg tarts!

 photo IMG_2718_zpsd0ec701c.jpg



Thursday, August 28, 2014

Clap Clap Clap

This song is so good that I can't help myself but keep bang my head and clap my hands every single time I listen it on the radio in my car.

Clap clap clap clap clap!


Monday, August 25, 2014

RHB Centinental Run 2013

Last year, I participated in RHB Centinental Run 2013 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

 photo IMG_2304_zpsa316c626.jpg

Quite a late and outdated post but I think it's worth to write the experience out.

 photo IMG_2305_zpscddb7baf.jpg

I joined the run with 2 of my housemates / colleagues.

 photo IMG_2303_zps0b7f1de8.jpg

The day is cloudy but cloudy day is a great day to run.

 photo IMG_2310_zps31314ab3.jpg

The experience running in Kota Kinabalu is so great, because of their splendid view along the run.

It's cloudy but the wind was refreshing.

The sky, the sea, the beach...

 photo IMG_2306_zps3e8128f3.jpg

That girl was photobombing me.

Damn you! You ruined my selfie!

 photo IMG_2317_zpsf2aa0d40.jpg

I finished the run, receiving a finishing pack with medal, certificate, bun, apple and water bottle.

 photo IMG_2318_zps919e1887.jpg

You know, there's something I really wanted to do since forever.

Really really wanted to do after finish my run every time.

Just that I am too shy every single time.

It's always crowded at the finishing line because everyone is waiting for the finishers.

However, this time I braved myself.

I handed my phone to my friend and asking him to take a series photos.

I just really really wanted to do this, it's my dream.

 photo rainbowMeme.png

Don't laugh, ok?

Here's my dream.

 photo happy11.png

I always dream that...

One day I have the photos that I'm running over the finishing line...

 photo IMG_2321_zpsc499ed2e.jpg

with the proud and sweaty face of mine...

 photo happy36.png

May be with some tears...

 photo 2vA1a.png

Holding the finishing medal with my hand raising up high in the sky...

 photo IMG_2322_zps0cccd8b9.jpg

Everyone is applause and cheer for my achievement...

 photo IMG_2323_zps624c2b38.jpg

Ok, this is super stupid.

The crowd basically ignore me.

 photo soclose.jpg

It doesn't look and feel as elegant or magnificent as I expected...

But it's FUN!

 photo closeenough.png

Close enough baby!

P/S: Ignore the yellow pouch, it's for my convenient. I got my an armband recently so I wouldn't use it anymore XD


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Eating Competition?

Definitely gonna try this someday.

While the judge blow his whistle and everyone is devouring the food like there's no tomorrow, I pull out a handkerchief from my left pocket and put it on my lap, a pair of spoon and fork from my right pocket and enjoy the meal.

This is epic.

Addition to my bucket list!


Monday, August 18, 2014

I Got Pregnant

The other day I was chatting with my beloved cousin, Janice.

After knowing her BF proposed to her, I wanted to show her that I care about her.

So, I whatsapp her and ask about her actual ROM or marriage date.

 photo 58635F16-4347-4532-9B04-53D4DBBA0908_zpsjxnpehgb.png

She told me the date is not yet decided and her mom urged her to marry as soon as possible, like she's a plague to her home.

Seriously, a plague.

 photo AB7B1D07-7984-409E-B50A-12AEFAC5726F_zpsqwdeghmr.png

Suddenly, she told me as I quote:" Haizzz macam i got pregnant" as shown in our conversation above.

You are pregnant???

I was like Wooooo Girl, this topic escalated so quickly. Don't give me such surprise when I'm not ready!

So, being a cool cousin of her, I was trying to act cool, you know, 臨危不亂 and everything is cool type.

She told me her secret and I'm gonna show her I care about her, for real.

So I answered by asking her that did she do the test to double confirm the pregnancy already?

My reaction was totally 臨危不亂,it's totally cool.

 photo B5FECD96-F0C4-4C0A-A827-16517BDB79BF_zpsi6llyxyp.png

In the end, it is just a false alarm.

Don't you ever drop a bomb like that to me, EVER!

 photo 0EB1C3F6-1F9A-410A-B2AD-C2ADF76029AC_zpsu7lwexpj.png

Awwww..... sometimes she's so cute <3 p="">

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Breaking Bad

5 o'clock in the morning, I finally finish the Breaking Bad series, 5 seasons with 62 episodes.

I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering what to do next with my life.

I feel so empty.

I ask myself... What now?

What should I do now? After finish watching so far one of the best series in my life.

It just ended. No more. When will I get to watch another legendary series like this?

Usually, a series which have long seasons like Heroes or LOST eventually fucked up in the end with their stupid and boring story plot, but not with Breaking Bad.

I don't know how to summarize breaking bad's ending, it's so complex, a little disturbing, who's right or wrong doesn't seems important anymore.

It's just pure... sadness.

I want to hug my bear and cry now.

Salute to whoever make this legendary series, you guys deserve a medal.

Here's a tribute video by breaking bad fan! Watch it once you finish the series too.

So, I guess I'm going to hug my bear, try not to cry.

Good night everyone.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Can I Swipe My Credit Card Here?

GF: "Honey, I want this!"

BF: "Ok sweetie, excuse me, miss, can I swipe my credit card here?"

Sales girl:"Are you kidding me? Credit card at night market?"

BF:"Sweetie, I try my best already, I really want to buy for you but they don't accept credit caard here."


Monday, August 11, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse I

Ladies and gentleman, I believe Zombie Apocalypse is happening.

Here's few zombies around me.

 photo 99E37740-E68B-43FF-8E3B-80D8BF14BA7A-852-000002117F3A0729_zps0088e619.jpg

Symptoms: Their mind is so attached to the zombie device whenever and wherever they can.

 photo F6A8B9C8-68EA-4658-AF21-6B51F06DA9F6-852-00000210F86AE4F7_zps4d80b005.jpg

However, they are still harmless, according to research.

 photo 1546F953-73A1-4E27-B128-47237A321653-852-000002109C5816A6_zpsc58d9340.jpg

Anyhow, prepare your weapons just to be sure, in case they bite you.

 photo DAAECA2F-7F32-4811-BE24-645D03961EBD-852-00000210915C175A_zps84f449a0.jpg

I will keep look for zombies and upload their photos whenever I found one around me.

 photo A2727913-1C02-4CA5-9979-6327CE116D8F-852-00000210B11DADB3_zpse7b0e6da.jpg

Take care my readers.

Please survive the zombie apocalypse.