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Thursday, October 02, 2014

It's October

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, you know, I usually write blog posts during office hour to kill time.

Lately, I'm too busy during working hour, I mean, not about works, it's because of LOL World Championship 2014!

I'm too busy watching all the replay matches on the Youtube.

Plus I don't have any internet connection after I moved into my new home, so I can only watch them during working hours.

More updates will be available until... may be november... or may be next year... I'm not sure XD



Thursday, September 25, 2014

❤ I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else ❤

IU was singing A Great Big World's "I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else" in a live performance.

She's perfect with her guitar. Totally steal my heart.

◕‿‿◕ Oh IU~~ I love U~~


Evolution is so scary

I will be like... "OK! Kid! You win this debate! Here's your money!"

She's so adorable and her accent is beyond adorable, can't deny that, but at the same time I am amazed by how a 3 years old kid can speak and debate like an adult.

Must be the milk powder they drink these days, the DHA thing makes them evolve so quickly.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Ring vs Lunchbox

If you replace the ring with a lunchbox, everything will be clearer for the girls.

Just can't stop laughing for the manly cheers in the end.

This video deserves a medal.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bad Day?

Having a bad day?

I bet your worst day of your life wasn't as close as his bad day.

I just can't stop laughing till the end of the video.

Thank you for cheer up my day!


Monday, September 15, 2014

IU Photobook

 Recently, I received few free vouchers of PHOTOBOOK.

I wanted to make my own 陽光美少男氣質寫真集 but I afraid they might reject my design.

In the end, I made one IU photobook using my IU collection pictures.

 photo 48B66B7E-F1A2-489B-A545-73AF77538D46_zpshobfsj0z.jpg

I spent a whole Sunday afternoon to design the photo book and been excited for days just to wait for it to deliver.

 photo E67E8B19-36C5-4FFD-A218-DF875C072283_zpstvy8xslk.jpg

The quality is a bit blurry, but it's acceptable and most important it's FREE!

 photo 08785CB7-5E98-42CF-8B8B-C95A58570DC9_zpsvmda4wep.jpg

Just that I need to pay for the postage fee which is RM12, fair enough.

 photo ABB60F3A-7AA6-4085-A29F-2EEAD861BD73_zps3jsinmgc.jpg

 Now, I'm a happy idiot who smile every time I flip the book.

I'm gonna hug the book to my dream later on.

If you're interest for the full photo book, visit this LINK.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dat Feel

You know, I always think that I was a cold blooded human, rarely got anything can make me cry, except a dying dog movie, or some kick ass character die in naruto anime.

Surprisingly, my tears pile up while watching this.

Just an one and half minute video gives me such feel.



Monday, September 08, 2014

Step by Step - How to Eat Dim Sum in Ipoh

If you read my last week post, you will get this.

Today, let JoJo teach you "How to Eat Dim Sum in Ipoh", step by step.

1. Enter the super crowded Dimsum shop

 photo IMG_2720_zps5d9664c9.jpg

2. Scatter your friends around the shop to scout for possible empty tables

 photo IMG_2719_zps00ec9e0a.jpg

3. If spot a table of people who almost finish their food, DEATH STARE them so they will leave as soon as possible

Remember, use DEATH STARE.

4. As soon as you sit down, the staffs will clean up the table with high efficiency speed

5. Another batch of staffs will carry their dim sum tray and use their 無影手 to put more and more dim sum on your table, without your consent or permission

6. Until you feel it's enough, you need to shout "FUCKING STOP ALREADY!!!", then they will stop put dim sum on your table

 photo IMG_2723_zps919faeec.jpg

7. Then you start eating while ignoring other people DEATH STARE you

 photo IMG_2722_zps8dd1c24d.jpg

P/S: Choo mentioned you had to shout STOP if not they will never stop putting dim sum on your table, I never experience this before XD