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Monday, August 25, 2014

RHB Centinental Run 2013

Last year, I participated in RHB Centinental Run 2013 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

 photo IMG_2304_zpsa316c626.jpg

Quite a late and outdated post but I think it's worth to write the experience out.

 photo IMG_2305_zpscddb7baf.jpg

I joined the run with 2 of my housemates / colleagues.

 photo IMG_2303_zps0b7f1de8.jpg

The day is cloudy but cloudy day is a great day to run.

 photo IMG_2310_zps31314ab3.jpg

The experience running in Kota Kinabalu is so great, because of their splendid view along the run.

It's cloudy but the wind was refreshing.

The sky, the sea, the beach...

 photo IMG_2306_zps3e8128f3.jpg

That girl was photobombing me.

Damn you! You ruined my selfie!

 photo IMG_2317_zpsf2aa0d40.jpg

I finished the run, receiving a finishing pack with medal, certificate, bun, apple and water bottle.

 photo IMG_2318_zps919e1887.jpg

You know, there's something I really wanted to do since forever.

Really really wanted to do after finish my run every time.

Just that I am too shy every single time.

It's always crowded at the finishing line because everyone is waiting for the finishers.

However, this time I braved myself.

I handed my phone to my friend and asking him to take a series photos.

I just really really wanted to do this, it's my dream.

 photo rainbowMeme.png

Don't laugh, ok?

Here's my dream.

 photo happy11.png

I always dream that...

One day I have the photos that I'm running over the finishing line...

 photo IMG_2321_zpsc499ed2e.jpg

with the proud and sweaty face of mine...

 photo happy36.png

May be with some tears...

 photo 2vA1a.png

Holding the finishing medal with my hand raising up high in the sky...

 photo IMG_2322_zps0cccd8b9.jpg

Everyone is applause and cheer for my achievement...

 photo IMG_2323_zps624c2b38.jpg

Ok, this is super stupid.

The crowd basically ignore me.

 photo soclose.jpg

It doesn't look and feel as elegant or magnificent as I expected...

But it's FUN!

 photo closeenough.png

Close enough baby!

P/S: Ignore the yellow pouch, it's for my convenient. I got my an armband recently so I wouldn't use it anymore XD


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Eating Competition?

Definitely gonna try this someday.

While the judge blow his whistle and everyone is devouring the food like there's no tomorrow, I pull out a handkerchief from my left pocket and put it on my lap, a pair of spoon and fork from my right pocket and enjoy the meal.

This is epic.

Addition to my bucket list!


Monday, August 18, 2014

I Got Pregnant

The other day I was chatting with my beloved cousin, Janice.

After knowing her BF proposed to her, I wanted to show her that I care about her.

So, I whatsapp her and ask about her actual ROM or marriage date.

 photo 58635F16-4347-4532-9B04-53D4DBBA0908_zpsjxnpehgb.png

She told me the date is not yet decided and her mom urged her to marry as soon as possible, like she's a plague to her home.

Seriously, a plague.

 photo AB7B1D07-7984-409E-B50A-12AEFAC5726F_zpsqwdeghmr.png

Suddenly, she told me as I quote:" Haizzz macam i got pregnant" as shown in our conversation above.

You are pregnant???

I was like Wooooo Girl, this topic escalated so quickly. Don't give me such surprise when I'm not ready!

So, being a cool cousin of her, I was trying to act cool, you know, 臨危不亂 and everything is cool type.

She told me her secret and I'm gonna show her I care about her, for real.

So I answered by asking her that did she do the test to double confirm the pregnancy already?

My reaction was totally 臨危不亂,it's totally cool.

 photo B5FECD96-F0C4-4C0A-A827-16517BDB79BF_zpsi6llyxyp.png

In the end, it is just a false alarm.

Don't you ever drop a bomb like that to me, EVER!

 photo 0EB1C3F6-1F9A-410A-B2AD-C2ADF76029AC_zpsu7lwexpj.png

Awwww..... sometimes she's so cute <3 p="">

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Breaking Bad

5 o'clock in the morning, I finally finish the Breaking Bad series, 5 seasons with 62 episodes.

I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering what to do next with my life.

I feel so empty.

I ask myself... What now?

What should I do now? After finish watching so far one of the best series in my life.

It just ended. No more. When will I get to watch another legendary series like this?

Usually, a series which have long seasons like Heroes or LOST eventually fucked up in the end with their stupid and boring story plot, but not with Breaking Bad.

I don't know how to summarize breaking bad's ending, it's so complex, a little disturbing, who's right or wrong doesn't seems important anymore.

It's just pure... sadness.

I want to hug my bear and cry now.

Salute to whoever make this legendary series, you guys deserve a medal.

Here's a tribute video by breaking bad fan! Watch it once you finish the series too.

So, I guess I'm going to hug my bear, try not to cry.

Good night everyone.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Can I Swipe My Credit Card Here?

GF: "Honey, I want this!"

BF: "Ok sweetie, excuse me, miss, can I swipe my credit card here?"

Sales girl:"Are you kidding me? Credit card at night market?"

BF:"Sweetie, I try my best already, I really want to buy for you but they don't accept credit caard here."


Monday, August 11, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse I

Ladies and gentleman, I believe Zombie Apocalypse is happening.

Here's few zombies around me.

 photo 99E37740-E68B-43FF-8E3B-80D8BF14BA7A-852-000002117F3A0729_zps0088e619.jpg

Symptoms: Their mind is so attached to the zombie device whenever and wherever they can.

 photo F6A8B9C8-68EA-4658-AF21-6B51F06DA9F6-852-00000210F86AE4F7_zps4d80b005.jpg

However, they are still harmless, according to research.

 photo 1546F953-73A1-4E27-B128-47237A321653-852-000002109C5816A6_zpsc58d9340.jpg

Anyhow, prepare your weapons just to be sure, in case they bite you.

 photo DAAECA2F-7F32-4811-BE24-645D03961EBD-852-00000210915C175A_zps84f449a0.jpg

I will keep look for zombies and upload their photos whenever I found one around me.

 photo A2727913-1C02-4CA5-9979-6327CE116D8F-852-00000210B11DADB3_zpse7b0e6da.jpg

Take care my readers.

Please survive the zombie apocalypse.


Thursday, August 07, 2014

Men Watches to Wear for Work

Watches is a time telling instrument which allows men to keep track of time at work especially if they are busy rushing to important meetings. The watch not only gives you the time but also reveals an individual’s personality and style. It is undeniable that there are plenty of watch designs in the market and men will select the ones which suit their taste. However, not all WATCHES for men are suitable to be worn to the office. The right piece of watch at work definitely gives men a certain credibility and charisma in front of colleagues and superiors. So what are the types of watches which are suitable for men to wear to work?

 photo zalorawatch1_zps37c70a31.jpg

The first choice for men is the classic dress watches which consist of the metal face and leather strap. This type of watch is perfect for men who prefer the combination of simplicity and style on their wrist. Men could select a silver metal face watch with a black leather strap to wear it with the business suit at work. This is because it does not draw any unnecessary attention to your hands as they are not oversized.

 photo zalorawatch2_zps5e965c9c.jpg

Besides that, men who love looking fashionable at the office should opt for watches with coloured dials. Coloured dial watches adds a little spice into your whole outfit as the colour pops out from your plain boring work clothes. The best thing is the slight colours will not give you a bold look at work. This way man could look fashionable all day at work without ever going overboard dressing up to work.

 photo zalorawatch3_zpsc97a6ec9.jpg

Another trendy watch in the market for men is the sophisticated pilot watch. Pilot watches are the ones with large bold numbering designs which are easy to read at a glance. The pilot watches definitely shows off a man’s masculine and macho character. This is due to the reason that the watch adds bit of an edginess hint into their professional look making them look approachable at work. Want to add new watches into your collection to wear to work? Have a look at Zalora website for a wide range of watch designs available online.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Master Wushu

The other night I was in my previous project, I was inspecting light fittings.

Upon discover some mistakes on a light fitting, I pointed out the mistakes and demand them to rectify instantly.

 photo AF725173-7F89-4AC7-B1A3-46AF605F7F7F-852-00000211B42825B4_zps9fe644b7.jpg

Immediately, the supervisor who already drank few cans of beer, performing his lion dancing stunt without any doubt.

 photo 16D77AE7-E21C-416E-BB20-8DF1249C4229-852-00000211C5ED80A1_zps49315d4d.jpg

I was so scared that he would fall down, asking him to look for proper ladder but he kept saying he's fine.

Well, in the end he's fine.

After successfully rectify the mistake, he took out another can of beer from his pocket, asking me do I want it because he have more in his pocket.

I rejected politely.

He opened the can  and enjoyed it the rest of the night.