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Thursday, April 10, 2014

There's Life after Death

Don't know why, I think it's super hilarious.

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P/S: Sorry Keryn~~ Muacks~
half-troll photo half-troll.jpg


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Everyone Knows You Liked Boobies!

It's sad to see Facebook's privacy nowadays.

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Boobies boobies!

Basically you have NO privacy.

Everyone knows what you had commented or liked, another method of advertising by Facebook.

So, Jojo is going to teach you how to like boobies before the world knows you are one of the hamsap guys.

 photo Untitled2_zps8e5fd2ad.jpg

First, go to your page and click on Activity Log!

 photo Untitled3_zps097bc1af.jpg

Here! You can hidden all your recent activities include the boobies pages you had just liked!

 photo Untitled4_zpsc4ec2542.jpg

Now, you can go on and like all the boobies and instant hidden them before your friends know it!

Like boobies for more boobies photos on Facebook!

P/S: This is the easiest method I know so far, if you any easier method, please do drop in comments and let me know, I appreciate it, you know, I liked boobies a lot too~


Monday, March 31, 2014

The Black Swan Transformation

Found this article somewhere and was surprised with the transformation.

Decide to translate this page for CKF since he's my hardcore reader.

Please read the Original Post: [隨談] 黑天鵝變身史 if you understand mandarin.

I will try to translate in the simplest way.


Why I want to write this?

Because he's my best friend and he has zero confidence on himself, he's still think he's fugly nowadays.

Due to the fact he always take care of me, I'm going to help him.

University Photo:


His fluffy hair was his signature.

He keep it like that because he don't know how to manage his hair.

He mentioned that he know he isn't a good looking guy, so when someone took his photo, he always make those weird pose, or silly face.

One day, he finally decided to change his curly hair to something else, he went to barber shop and straightened them.

Within two weeks, the hair recovered to his original style.

So, he gave up, completely.

I heard his outfit are adopted by his friends or relatives.

He was skinny all the time, until he trained for some time in soldier camp, and he finally gain some fat.

He said that was the best handsome look for his whole life.

Even though he knows he is same fugly deep inside his heart, but he's starting gaining some confidence.

This is the first time I saw him.

After he studied in foreign university, the tummy disappeared and the outfit is always the same fugly style.

He said he like to do stupid pose, because he lack of confident.

He's not even drunk when taking this pic!

Due to the reasons above,

I finally decided to help him transform.

Next, is the steps toward his transformation.

First, I need to save his curly hair.

After trimming and setting, it's awesome!

He looks cooler with this hair, even he's still wearing the same old wear.


Let's try the contact lens.

Contact lens help you enlarge the eyeballs.

And there you go...


With the little mustache, he starts to look so much different.

Additional points for the new outfit.

Then, I persuaded him to wear an earring on his left ear.

And more style for him...

Hat... not working...



A Ray Ban sunglasses!


 Slim fit jeans!

New shoes.

And the latest pic...

After a year's transformation, he began to realize how much it differs.

This post is dedicated to the past best friend, and the present husband, him.


Isn't that transformation surprise you?!

I think laziness is the excuse for all the ugly people, not only woman, but men... like me!

P/S: Pat pat on my back, Johnny, you can do much better than him! *shy*


Monday, March 24, 2014

So Many Chinese Out There!

Last few weeks, I went back to Kuching to celebrate Chap Goh Mei with my family.

The day before I went back to KK, I had dinner with them.

Out of no where, they were reminding me to look for new girlfriend, again!

This reminder from my brother is like 3752 times since I am single.

Before I really look for a new one, I wanted to know what's my family's requirements.

I gave them a few probable options and wanted to see their responds.

 photo playfultongue.png


"Mom, what if I find a foreigner as my gf later? Vietnamese ah, Indonesian ah, Filipino ah? Pretty one la XD"

Mom: " Fuck you."

Sister in law: "You can communicate meh?"


Basically my mom disagree, she said newspaper got a lot of news that their foreigner wives ran away.

So, foreigner girl is highly not recommended for me.


"Then, how about native (la kia)? Iban ah, Kadazan ah, Dusun ah, Bidayuh ah... Pretty one la XD"

Mom: " Fuck you. So many Chinese out there you don't want?"

Sister in law: "Hard to communicate with them leh."


So she disagreed again because so many Chinese pretty girls out there for me to hunt and probably my family can't communicate with indigenous.

 photo 10.png

I'm a bit disappoint with their disagreement because I quite like native girls, they are more friendly and easy going, some of them really lovely and beautiful :(


" How about buy ONE FREE ONE?"

Mom:" This one OK."


 photo Gasp.png

Bro:" Yea this one OK, I'm open minded one"


 photo GaspHand.png

I'm very very surprised that they can accept this.

I know that some people can't accept their child or grandchild does not have their bloodline.

For me, I don't mind too because I don't like kids, bloodline or not doesn't matter.

 photo happy08.png

Even though they have their agree and disagree, I believe no matter which girl I look for later, they will support me. :p


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sunrise, Sunse, Midnight

I just catch up a series of romance movies lately and wish to share with you guys.

Before Sunrise (1995)

Before Sunrise, the love spark at the first sight, lots of love, overwhelming romance and the ending that you need to wait for 9 years if u watched it in 1995.

Before Sunset (2004)

Before Sunset, 9 years after their incident, to love or not love, and the ending that you need to wait for 9 years if u watched it in 2004.

Before Midnight (2013)

Before Midnight, everything turns into reality, I'm truly sad seeing how things turned up, well, it's happy ending but I know in most reality, it doesn't work and end well.

All these movies have a lot of acting and non stop talking, nothing fancy but I think worth to watch, better than those BS drama.

And now I have to wait for 9 years, if they have one, hopefully there's another one on 2022 :)

Feel free to download them HERE, with Chinese and English subtitle.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Achievement Unlocked: Tip of Borneo 2013

During the visit of Fish and Frog, we visited a place named Tip of Borneo.

I wish to tell you the location of tip of Borneo but my middle finger isn't long enough.

Middle finger

I believe this is the tip.

Beautiful tip.

I don't know. They were trying something like Jack and Ross or two flying eagles.

Two flying eagles i think.

Munching mini croissant.

And me!

This is me!

Auntie is blocking the amazing sea view.

Auntie, go away!

Under the tip of Borneo, there's a amazing unpolluted beach.

I love beach!



<3 i="">

How to go here? You can drive from KK but the road journey is suffering because of the under construction road condition.



Friday, March 14, 2014


The other day I sent my mom to clinic to take medicine.

We waited for a moment and another patient who is my mom's regular customer, came in.

She greeted us and sat beside us to chat with my mom.

She pointed me and asking my mom:" Is he your grandchild?"

Grandchild..... Uh....

 photo laughing27.png

My mom giggled:" Hohohoho, no la, he's my youngest son. You see him got baby face (嫩) right?"

"Yalo, he very 嫩 oh~"

"You guess how old is he? Hohoho~" my mom answered with other patients stop their chat and listening to our conversation while looking my "嫩" handsome face. *shy*

 photo me-gusta.jpg

"Aiya, form 5 like that ah?"

"Bo la~ He's 31 already. Hohoho~ " my mom giggled again.

"Is it??? What your mom fed u la~" She showed her surprise on her expression.

Hold it, you two!

 photo thefuck.png

Stop right there!

"Mom, I'm only 29!" I cut into their conversation.

"You're going to 31 this October ma~ Hohoho~"

According to Chinese tradition, you add 1 year to your actual age, since my birthday is October, I'm not going to admit I'm 30 yet.

Wait a minute.

Why do I care so much about my age, I'm a manly man, I shouldn't care.