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Thursday, July 31, 2014


If you like brain-fuck documentary as much as I do, and if you had watched the documentary I suggested as below:

1. Zeitgeist The Movie (2007) / Zeitgeist Addendum (2008) / Zeitgeist Moving Forward (2011)
2. An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
3. The Cove (2009)

Time for another one: Earthlings (2010) - FREE ON YOUTUBE!

It tells you the story about human who is part of the earthlings, treat other earthlings or animals disrespectfully and brutally as if they wouldn't feel the pain.

But make sure you have a strong heart before watching this video. I felt extremely sick throughout the whole session but I managed to finish it. Good job, JoJo.

It's too bloody but yet it's truth. At least you need to know how the meat comes to your mouth and how the leather was made before you wear it.

Some viewers claims they will never eat meat product again and how did this film impact me?

Sadly, I will not turn into a vegan.


I will forbid myself to participate in any sort of entertainment that involve in animals, visit zoo or aquarium, and waste any sort of food especially meat. I will not make their painful sacrifice worthless. Pig, I love you. Hopefully you too.

P/S: Sometimes, the way I see human as part of the habitat on earth, we are totally doomed, helpless and hopeless, somehow, I believe nature will get back to us, it may not be now, but it will be soon enough. I will not be surprised if mother earth gives us a surprise buttsex and shout:"KARMA BITCH! KARMA!".

Till then, have a nice day.



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Having a DREAM

"Sir, how can I be a man who has infinity of dreams?"

"First, don't grow up."

I kind of agree of this.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Chong and Chang

Ok, as you guys know, I'm out of Tuaran and back to Kuching.

Anywhere, I still have this one story about my previous housemate, you know, the one who already feature in many of my stories.

I believe here's the last one to tell. Haven't meet with him and catch up since I resigned.

In Tuaran, we  moved into the new apartment. We paid our rental to the house owner every end of the month and we never miss it.

That's why our house owner love us very much, we never owe him any debt during the period we stayed there.

He must be very sad since we left.


So, my housemate whose surname is Chong, took initiative to collect rent from me every end of the month and contacted the house owner asking him to come to collect rent.

Sometimes, when Chong was busy and went out, he told me to pass the envelope with money to the house owner.

When the house owner arrived and collecting the rent from me, he will chat a little bit with me.

"Where's Chang?" He asked.

"Chang? Chong, you mean? He's out." I answered.

"Oh yea, Chong, he's out huh. Ok, gotta go, see you next month!"


The other day, Chong called the house owner again:" Hi, Mr house owner, Chong here."

"No, I'm Chong."

"Oh, yea yea, you can come collect rent already."

I figured out that house owner must be had this difficulty to differentiate between Chong and Chang, doesn't harm though.


So, time passed and it's only few weeks left before we're dispatched back to Kuching.

He collected rental from me and instantly called house owner in our living room.

When the phone picked up, my housemate said:" Hello, Chang here, the rent is ready."

 photo inglip-meme.jpg

Chang here...

Chang here...

Chang here...

I was like...

 photo GaspHand.png

This fucker!!!

He's finally give up!!!

He's calling himself Chang!!!

Oh gosh!!!

No man on earth give up his real name!!!

No one!!!

I believe this is the last story I can tell you guys about him.



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Everybody wants to rule the world

This song really works on either gaming cinematic trailer...

or movie trailer.

Jojo approve!

It's a cover by Lorde, gives me so many kicks!

Everybody wants to rule [silent]

the world...

Let's rape the replay button!!!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Where is Our Humaity?

I just watch this short video which filmed to test humanity of people in India.

The video's result is heart breaking. The most heart breaking part is the Youtuber who act as injured man, was hoping for humanity of his people but things didn't turn out as his expectation.

He was so disappointed and finally raged at the end of the shooting, scolding those bystanders who didn't lend their hands but watched a man died like a Truman show.

He scolded them so hard that... it feels like he's scolding me.

I'm ashamed.

Thus, I feel like I have to tell this story.

A story of my own.

Yeah! Jojo's story time! Let's grab some popcorn!


Few years ago, when I was sending my ex going back home, I drove through a road that I used to drive almost everyday.

When we're almost home, we saw one woman walked alone along the roadside.

Let me describe how she looks.

She's a chubby woman.

She has blonde hair. Looks like a tourist, not local.

She looked crippled and walking like she's physically injured.

She dressed in white shirt and short casual pant.

After so many years, I can't forget the way she walked, a woman who walk alone in the dark.

My memory is so poor but I just can't forget.

As I passed through her, I asked my ex that whether we need to stop and see that woman need help or not.

She asked me not to, saying that we might be exposed in danger if we went down to help.

When I sent her back to her home, she made me promised her that I shouldn't go and check again because it's DANGEROUS.

I promised her.

On the return, I was wondering that I need to check her out or not.

I didn't have the chance because I didn't see her anymore.

When I was finally home, I reported to police through message and one of the policeman called me.

He asked me in a very fierce voice, just to check whether it's a false case or not, I told him the location and details.

He hang up and I believe he will patrolled to there to investigate.

What happen to her?

I will never know.

The thing is, till nowadays, I am still regret that I didn't stop there at the first spot and see if she's really a victim or not.

Often time, we read many news that many of the bad people out there always scam or rob nice people who try to lend their hands.

We learn the hard way and we concealed our morale, it's better to be a bystander just to be SAFE.

I may excuses myself not to help if I'm a girl because it's higher potential for a girl to be victim, but I'm a guy, I can fight or run.

For me, if I have the chance again, I will certainly stop there to ask if she needs any help or not.

If you're saying I might get mug/rob/stab, I shall take precautions method like staying for distance and observe.

If something bad really happen to me after I'm trying to help someone, may be, just may be my last hope for humanity will vanish and I will never try to help again.

But for now, I will not repeat the same mistake again.

Let's build faith for humanity.



Thursday, July 10, 2014

First shopping experience in Zalora

I have this crazy online shopping spree for these few months, so I'm going to share my experience in the upcoming posts.

This time I tried to buy a pair of running shoes on Zalora and the experience is amazing.

Since my cheap sport shoes was broken and I was going for a run, I decided to order a good sport shoes, just to try out.

I ordered a pair of PUMA's faas 350, I have zero knowledge about sport shoes and it's my very FIRST TIME to buy a branded sport shoes, if BATA doesn't count.

I never own a pair of Nike or Adidas or other branded sport shoes before because I think branded shoes are overpriced and overrated.

2 or 3 days after I placed my order, the shoes arrived.

My sis asked me this is genuine or not?

Why so cheap? OR just another ciplak from China?

My first sight on the shoes packaging...

 photo B6956426-56C9-4BEB-A5D8-E93996C34EE2_zpsl0yctwes.jpg

I believe it's a genuine product.

 photo 5B4FB895-2522-4929-B6B1-E4E2DD6C26DE_zpsvbrriwy2.jpg

Look at that sexy curve~

 photo 5657B8A5-E719-46FE-8419-472900234E38_zpso2f27x5c.jpg

And the color!

Jojo approve!

The price?

I believe the original price is around RM290. After Zalora's offer is around RM170, plus with voucher code 15%, the price is around RM140. It's way cheaper than local shoe store I visited. I believe the one who introduced me with the code get reward too.

If you're unsure of the price, visit local shoe store! And also try out your size of the particular brand if you are unsure, just saying, I didn't do it.

I didn't do it!

The surprise factor of first time shopping with Zalora is their return policy.

 photo 11C2DC9B-6E9E-475A-B062-19C418B5C47C_zps6gohtetx.jpg

In the packaging, they included a thank you note and poslaju envelope with return procedure instruction.

 photo 87C82CEF-4D54-462B-8CC0-0B31C85E5575_zpseldeve2a.jpg

Meaning to say if you are unsatisfied with your purchased  product with whatever reasons, shoes doesn't fit, not comfortable, it's fucking ugly, just put it back into the envelope and return it.

They will refund you every single cents.

No hassle.

No postage surcharge.

 photo 82AD2E35-1678-442F-BB50-1CDC2311D789_zpsbnioewjp.jpg

They even give you more discount code so you can continue shopping!

Stop it already! I don't want to shop anymore!

Oh about the shoes, I wore it to participate Spring Live Active 10km Run 2014. It's worth it, I love it.

Next, I will updates more shopping experience with Lazada and also successful purchases on Taobao.


Monday, July 07, 2014

Guide on How to Reject a Girl's Confession

We have this Whatsapp chatting group among our really closed friends, we always talk nonsense stuff in there.

That's how we stay close for years.

Recently, one of them started a topic which he had to reject a girl's confession.

He triggered a war among us.

 photo 1ef6e41e-af90-4c41-b58b-bfb2c3f618ed_zps04d3e063.png

You know who he is, I don't have many friends but I censored the names just in case he turns out too popular later.

 photo 40cafaca-e356-4b46-a368-55fffb7257b7_zpsa9913f89.png

Anywhere, I will not go in details about our chats but his topic somehow gives me inspiration to write this post!

So, I named this post as "Guide on How to Reject a Girl's Confession".

Situation: A girl confess to you and you wish to reject her nicely and express your heart broken feeling, please refer to the guide below as reference.


Dear "Her Name",

After listen to your confession a moment ago, I'm very surprised and happy at the same time. It's great to know someone as sweet as you to admire me, it's my pleasure, for real. You are among the cutest and sweetest girl around the girls I have known.

Sorry for taking so long to answer, I seriously consider about our relationship probability during this period. I am struggle so hard because I kinda like you too. However, I am deeply sorry that I have to tell you this answer.

I just think that things wouldn't work out between you and me.

I am a man who believe in fate. I believe there's no fate for us, as far I know.

Let me tell you a story.

Many years ago, I dreamed about HER, in a dream full with sexual, passion and innocent love. I couldn't forget about her once I woke up. She only appear once in my dream but her images are so clear and keep circling in my mind till nowadays, so I know it must be HER.

She's my dream girl.

She's the one.

She's my fate.

Here's some details on how my dream girl looks like in my dream:

a. Look alike or Emma Stone or Megan Fox or even prettier.
b. Body shape to be hourglass shape.
c. Boobs must be original and at least C cup in size

As such, anything lack of the requirements stated above is nothing close to my dream girl.

I'm sorry to tell you that you don't meet the following requirements, so that I know there's zero fate between us.

Fate is a funny yet mysterious thing, how miraculous that our life is determined by it.

It's hurting my heart that the fact you will be heart broken after reading this.

Deep down in my heart, my heart is shackled into pieces too.

Darling, you have to understand that I have to do this, to avoid both of us continue walk the meaningless or future-less journey.

I hope that our path may cross again in the future, or next life, or never again.

Good bye.


"Your Name"


Please be reminded that this is a guide which is written by an author who rejected a girl's confession through love letter by throwing it into drainage.

Please use this message template at your own risk and it's highly not recommended.

Cheers, everyone!


Friday, July 04, 2014


Q: 什麼是世界上最強大的情趣用品?

A: 火車

因為它 穿過高山,飞過小溪,不知飞到雞掰裡。。。

Internet just ruins the song of my childhood.

And I'm going to ruin yours too.

Choooo chooooo....

Cheers everyone!