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Friday, July 14, 2017

Photobucket is a new ransomware?

I received an email from Photobucket and they are officially disabled all the photos that are embedded to external websites like blog.

If I want all photos that I uploaded to Photobucket to show in my previous posts, I need to subscribe to their plan which costs USD400 per year to enable linking option.

If it's not ransom, then what is?

Because of 99% of the photos in my posts were uploaded to Photobucket, my blog is screwed up now. None of them is readable anymore.

I like to write posts based on relevant photos or pictures because plain words post is not my thing.

All the posts with photos that written over the years are my precious memories and now Photobucket hijack all of them.

F U.


Seriously, FUCK YOU.

-Sign out-